Thesis exhibition design

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Exhibition Design is a synthesis of multiple design disciplines that come together to communicate objects, information and ideas across a range of spatial environments.

Exhibition showcases 50 years of architecture theses at the Cooper Union

Architecture, industrial, graphic, lighting, and interactive design combine with an understanding of learning and human factors to shape peoples experiences in cultural.

The annual Masters Thesis Exhibition will feature the fully-developed work of those students who have completed their graduate studies. These students have spent their time at KCAD broadening both their technical abilities and their understanding of their respective disciplines, and this exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the process, methodology, and passion that went into the compilation.

"Assemblage," the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design Senior Thesis Exhibition will be held Dec.

in the Miller Gallery on CMU's Pittsburgh campus.

2018 BFA Thesis Exhibition: A Reflection of 42 Individual Journeys

The exhibition features final works from 48 seniors — the first class to complete CMU's new Bachelor of Design program — in three design. A symposium, Thesis Now: Pedagogies, Research, and Agency of the Architectural Thesis, will accompany the exhibition on December 1, and the show is being presented in tandem with this year’s.


A range of thesis projects will be on view from graduates of the professional-level MFA-1 program and the post-professional MFA-2 program, as well as studio projects from graduates of the MPS programs in Sustainable Interior Environments, Interior Lighting Design, and Healthcare Interior Design.

Thesis exhibition design
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LAYERS | Senior Graphic Design Portfolio Show & Thesis Exhibition