Theoretical perspective of local government

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Public sector ethics

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Local government marketing model

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Chapter 4: Corruption and the size of local governments: are they related?

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Nyman et al. () used a Principal-Agent theory to understand and structure the complex accountability situation in local highlighted that it is the opinion of most people that an agent who fails in the performance of her/his mission should be held accountable.


A Longitudinal Study of Local E-Government Development: The Policy Maker Perspective Stuart Dillon how has the policy maker perspective on local e-government in New Zealand changed in the period – 2 Theoretical Background Local E-Government and the Policy Maker Perspective.

Provides an overview of the relationship between the local governments and social media Investigates the benefits and risks of the facilitation of social media tools in local governments Explores the efficacy of social media in managing and training local government personnel and the broader.

Financial Accountability & Management, 25(2), MayEXPLAINING THE UTILIZATION OF RELATIVE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT: A MULTI-THEORETICAL. government level: A theoretical perspective Lamidi, Oyedele Kazeem* and Mike Adeyeye Department of Local Government Studies Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Fiscal Federalism

in which local governments are still subject to the control of central authorities, as opposed to a decentralized one, in which local governments have autonomy to set their own priorities and decide how best deliver public services.

Theoretical perspective of local government
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Concepts of Federalism