Modess napkins

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A Walk Down Memory Lane with Groovy Bath & Beauty Products from the 1960s-1980s

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Sanitary napkins

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Marxist the banner of "specific" or "marital" hygiene, these products could be cheered in the U. Despite these synonyms, the market for sanitary napkins and phrases was fully developed in the U. Modess Sanitary Napkins, Find Complete Details about Modess Sanitary Napkins,Modess Sanitary Napkins,Mini Sanitary Pads,Mini Self Cleaning from Sanitary Napkin Supplier or Manufacturer-Shanghai Yueyueshu Women Products Co., Ltd.

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MARKETING OBJECTIVES One of the objectives of this marketing plan is to introduce the new modess with disposable underwear in women¶s health and personal care segment and new modess must change the consumer¶s perception about the product quality.

Sanitary panties and menstrual pad belts (, U.S.A.) This page from the American Sears, Roebuck Fall-Winter catalog of shows the variety of "sanitary" (menstrual) panties and belts to hold menstrual pads available to women; different styles appeared later.

Review Milford Belt Kotex Vintage Pads Sanitary Menstration Lady Modess Lot Huge. Remember when you had your period and the only products to use were the sanitary belt and pad or how about the sanitary pantie with a waterproof crotch panel and they had tabs to fasten the pad to the pantie.

Although certain candies bring back really sweet memories of childhood, I’ve been thinking lately about some of the bath and beauty products from my youth.

Modess napkins
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