Intelligent design evolution in public

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Intelligent design

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Do Intelligent Design & Creationism Belong in Public School Science Classes?

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Judge rules against ‘intelligent design’

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He misrepresents intelligent design and Discovery Institute when he says that Discovery has only recently changed its policy about teaching intelligent design in public schools.

He quotes a statement of policy that argues for teaching evolution more thoroughly but then he says that this policy is new. Intelligent Design is Not Science, and Should Not Join Evolution in the Classroom.

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To deny natural selection is to ignore fact—end of debate, writes Glenn Branch. Links to articles giving information about legal and policy issues related to teaching intelligent design and evolution for which is a gateway portal website introducing people to the scientific debate over intelligent design and Darwinian evolution.

Many intelligent design followers believe that "scientism" is itself a religion that promotes secularism and materialism in an attempt to erase theism from public life, and they view their work in the promotion of intelligent design as a way to return religion to a central role in education and other public spheres.

A guide to the key cases involved in the debate over whether evolution and intelligent design should be taught in public schools.

Astonished and Amused by Lamoureux’s (Mis)Take on Intelligent Design Intelligent design evolution in public
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