Creon a god

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The Oedipus Trilogy

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Conflict between Human Law and Law of God in Sophocles' Antigone

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Was Antigone Right to Defy Creon. Was Antigone right to defy Creon? Throughout the history of mankind, people have had to make choices on whether to follow the law of the state or God’s laws.

Creon a god

When Creon sees that flattering words will not move Oedipus, he has no compunction in holding Antigone and Ismene hostage and threatening Theseus with war.

Angry and intent on his will, Creon appears the epitome of the bad, ruthless leader, impervious to the laws of the gods or humanity. Creon (/ ˈ k r iː ɒ n /; Greek: Κρέων, Kreōn) is a figure in Greek mythology best known as the ruler of Thebes in the legend of Oedipus.

He had four sons and three daughters with his wife, Eurydice (sometimes known as Henioche): Henioche, Pyrrha, Megareus Play: Oedipus at Colonus, Oedipus the King, Antigone, The Phoenician Women, Oedipus. Creon a god. Start studying antigone study guide- southard learn vocabulary creon considers himself a god so when they suggest that there is something more powerful then him.

Creon as a Tragic Character in “Antigone”

“yes that order did not come from god justice, that dwells with the gods below, knows no such law”(sophocles ) antigone fights with all she has, and finally brings creon to the realization that what he has done. Creon's hubris is tied directly to his stubborn and short-sighted insistence that the concerns of the king and the concerns of the state are of greater importance than the concerns of the gods.

Creon was the name of different figures in Greek mythology, the most important being the ruler of Thebes in the myth of Oedipus. He was married to Eurydice, with whom he had seven children.

Along with his sister Jocasta, they were descendants of Cadmus and the Spartoi.

In Antigone, what are some quotes when Creon shows tragic flaws? Creon a god
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Creon as a Tragic Character in “Antigone”