Augustine on evil

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Augustinian theodicy

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Saint Augustine Quotes About Evil

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Augustine of Hippo. St. Augustine was born at Tagaste (modern Algeria) in Africa. His father was a pagan who converted on his death bed; his mother was Saint Monica, a devout Christian.

The Augustinian theodicy, named for the 4th- and 5th-century theologian, philosopher and (according to some Christian denominations) Saint Augustine of Hippo, is a type of Christian theodicy designed in response to the evidential problem of such, it attempts to explain the probability of an omnipotent (all-powerful) and omnibenevolent (all-good) God amid evidence of evil in the world.

Augustine on Evil [Gillian R. Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Augustine, perhaps the most important and most widely read Father of the Church, first became preoccupied with the problem of evil in his boyhood.

More on marital chastity in my book: The Catholic Marriage Bed Question -- Are unnatural sexual acts moral to use as foreplay, prior to an act of natural marital relations open to life? An exposition of Augustine’s understanding of evil at various times is a critical component for reaching a high level of understanding of the role of the problem of evil in his life.

The Augustinian theodicy, named for the 4th- and 5th-century theologian, philosopher and (according to some Christian denominations) Saint Augustine of Hippo, is a type of Christian theodicy designed in response to the evidential problem of evil.

Augustine on evil
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